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What is Private Equity and How Can it Help Your Business

At one point or another, many business owners have sought private fund injection to boost their ventures. Many more have come across the words private equity or are well-versed in how it operates. However, some investors may not be privy to it and how it and its dynamics. Private equity is an alternative investment class comprised of funds and investors who invest directly in private companies. Capital in private equity is not listed on a public exchange. In this article, we will unravel more on private equity and how it can help your business.

What is the Difference Between Private and Public Equity?

The main difference between private and public equity is that public equity means owning shares in a public company. In contrast, private equity means holding shares in a private company. Technically, investing in a company by buying shares of that company means you have a stake in that company, and in the process, you are helping it grow while being incentivized at the same time. Private equity groups also like investing in private equity platforms, which they view as starting points for more acquisitions.

●    More Expansion Capital

Like any other investor, your focus daily is how you can grow your business. You focus on strategies to grow your enterprise and wouldn’t want to leave it in the hands of a novice one day when thinking of retirement. The best advice for you is to bring in a private equity investor. If you make your choice well, bringing in this private equity investor will bring you large amounts of capital and resources and accelerate the growth of your enterprise. To add to these, when you work with private equity partners, you can sell portions of your business not just once but many times, which helps you grow while earning big payouts.

●    Resuscitate Your Struggling Business

Is your business struggling financially? Consider private equity that will help rejuvenate and take your business back to its old profitability and fast growth methods. Private equity funds will help recapitalize your struggling business because they are not scared of investing in companies that may be struggling to grow, provided there are signs of turning them around. However, be prepared because private equity funds won’t support the same business plans nor allow the same management team struggling to grow your company without success to continue in the same roles.

●    Maximize Your Growth

Private equity investors, if well selected, bring more growth to your business, more expertise, and more business expansion strategies that can help fast track your business growth. In a nutshell, to maximize your business growth, private equities will bring process improvement, margin enhancement, and margin improvement expertise. They can also utilize mergers and acquisitions by acquiring companies within the same industry and combining them for faster scalability.

●    Cash Out The Founder

Depending on the negotiation terms, private equities can cash out just the company’s founder and leave other stakeholders and investors intact. If you want to cash out from your business but want minimal casualties and disruptions, this is the way to go. An investor may opt to sell a company because of several reasons, including illness, migration, divorce settlements, unsolved disputes with investors, and boredom, among other reasons. If you have a controlling stake in your business, you can stand a good chance to strike a fulfilling deal with the private equity companies.

●    Buy-Out Existing Investors

Private equity investors can buy out existing investors in your business or buy you out as an investor in another company. Private investors can become tired of their money being tied up in your industry. In such a scenario, private equity investors can save the day for both parties by buying out the investor enabling a smooth transition while bringing a wealth of experience and capital onboard.

Private equities can help the growth of your enterprise by injecting more capital, experience, and expansion strategies on board. In addition, private equities can help revitalize your struggling business or cash you out as the founder to leave the company without rubbing shoulders or rocking the waters.


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