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What we think about India’s Top Android App Development Companies

Artoon Solutions Private Limited is growing each day through our continuous efforts. We are therefore ranked among the Top Android App Development Companies in India. Our goal is to provide quality android apps. Our professionals ensure that you understand your business requirements and create efficient apps, with great visual design, user interaction, security, and compatibility. Artoon Solutions can help you build quality android apps.

Let’s first understand what android apps are.

Android apps are those that run on the Android OS platform. They are also known as android apps. Developers often use specific programming languages like Java or Kotlin to create these apps. Android apps are simple to use, and a large portion of the population uses them.

It is a smart move to plan to create an android app. Your target audience will be too large. Many people use smartphones, tablets, and Ipads. Android apps work well in these areas.

After the app has been tested and developed, it is published to the app store.

Artoon Solutions is featured in the Top Android App Development Companies. We work on many OS development platforms and can therefore support many business needs.

  • Kit Kat
  • Marshmallow
  • Lollipop
  • N to Z

Android applications – Open source

We have been in the android development business for many years and created an open-source software development kit. This allows us to draw reasonable costs, and it also includes amazing pinnacles. Our extensive experience has allowed us to work with clients worldwide.

Low-cost custom applications that are user-friendly

The developed apps have been redesigned and the development process is well-structured.

Good client involvement and strong marketing

We build applications that are suitable for different stages of development. The applications are built in an open-source platform, and there is strong customer engagement.


Each stage of the application’s development is tested thoroughly. Many bugs are removed and the application is bug-free.

It is important to test the strategy to ensure that it works as intended.

Master development team

The Artoon Solutions expert team of developers is skilled and capable of solving complex problems. Therefore, they develop compatible, user-friendly, and high-quality applications.

Our team has extensive experience in creating applications for various business sectors. We also can build extreme android apps as per the needs of our clients. Our developers are proficient in all programming languages and use the most recent technologies.

What is the best way to stand out among top Indian app development companies?

Our experts have strong programming knowledge and are highly skilled.

Below are the dimensions that we specialize in:

  • Android App Development and Customization
  • Android App Boot Time and Performance Optimization
  • Android App Upgrade and Customization
  • Android App Redesign
  • Update Existing Android App
  • User Interface Design and App Graphics Designs
  • Management and security
  • Integration by third parties
  • Verification of Android Compatibility Test Suite – CTS
  • Automated tools and end-to-end testing
  • Back-end development in the latest technologies
  • App Development
  • Beta and Live Testing
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Migration via Google Play and Apple Store

Our experience includes working with a variety of business sectors such as e-commerce and health. We can guarantee that you will get a custom-made app and that a high-quality app is built to meet your requirements.

Artoon Solutions, top mobile app development, and web development company, offers innovative and high-quality mobile apps. If you have an idea for an android app, most people will use it.

We use the most current technology and keep up with the trends. All apps would be built according to current technology and there would not be any confusion about the future.


We strive to improve our services and offer high-quality android apps that meet your business needs. To build high-quality mobile apps, we use the most recent technologies.

There are many Android companies in India, but we rank high because of our extensive experience in working with different business sectors. We can guarantee quality to all our clients, even though they may be many. We have had many satisfied clients and clients who continue to return to us for future work.

Our in-house Android developers have extensive knowledge and can help you accordingly.

We can help you find the best Android App Development Companies for your business. We create your vision.

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abdul waheed
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