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What services do today’s travellers look for in a B&B?

Services are a fantastic opportunity to ensure guests feel comfortable and cared for during their stay. However, it is essential to select them always, keeping in mind the results you want to achieve and the ability to generate profitability. By including accurate and compelling content in your ad about the services you offer, you will set the right expectations for guests and improve the chances of your property appearing higher in the search results of your booking websites. 

You also must ensure that you create a consistent guest experience by choosing services responsive to guest needs. Guests will pout if you have luxury accommodation and offer cheap soaps and shampoos. But if your target customer is a budget traveller, simply providing toiletries will set you apart from the competition. 70% of guests would pay a little more to stay in properties that have their favourite amenities. Therefore, bed and breakfast lincoln nebraska is going to focus on the essential services of the room:

bed and breakfast lincoln ne will review the services most guests look for when they make a reservation, starting with a safe and clean room at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that these services won’t differentiate your listing, but they will influence the guest experience, and if you don’t offer them, the feedback you get may not be excellent.

Free Wi-Fi connection, iron and board, telephone, hair dryer, safe, hangers (many), space to store luggage, etc. Air conditioning, thick curtains, television, complimentary toiletries, minibar, etc. Today, amenities that once set a property apart—such as sustainable practices, bathrobes, slippers, in-room entertainment options, or exclusive products—are becoming something travellers expect to find in a standard room.

New Basics for Today’s Guests
These days, people travel with all sorts of devices, including phones, laptops, and tablets, and expect to be able to use them easily and frequently during their stay. This has given rise to a new set of essential services that each accommodation must be able to guarantee.

Fast and free Wi-Fi
Whether your guests are leisure travelers who want to upload their photos online, video call with the family, stream videos, or business travelers who need to be able to email or video conference, it’s essential to offer them Wi-Fi that works perfectly anytime, anywhere.

charging stations
With so many devices, guests need to be able to charge them easily and comfortably. In addition to power outlets, Rogers house inn bed & breakfast recommend adding USB ports next to the beds for guests who like to keep their phones close while they sleep. If you are particularly interested in international travelers, add universal sockets for convenience.

In addition to power outlets, it’s a good idea to offer desks that customers can use to charge their devices and for other purposes. Although they have always been a staple for business travelers, workspaces are now essential for all guests.

Smart TVs and wireless speakers
It’s the era of binge-watching and streaming platforms, so many guests expect to be able to log into their accounts from any hotel in the world. Another nice touch is the Bluetooth speakers: guests can listen to the music they have loaded on their smartphones. Thus, they can listen to their music and create a comfortable and familiar environment far from home.

Free coffee and water in the room
With pod coffee makers becoming increasingly popular, guests love to find them available in their rooms. Even if your accommodation offers room service, the comfort, and ease of preparing a coffee themselves greatly improve the experience of guests in the accommodation. Similarly, the availability of free bottled water upon arrival and throughout the stay is another highly valued service trend among today’s travelers. Attract more travelers by offering barrier-free and accessible experiences for all guests. Please find out how a hotel displays its accessibility to boost visibility on your platform.

How to attract the right guests with services and special offers.
Engaging amenities ranked third most important to guests when planning their trip, just behind cleaning guidelines and flexible cancellation policies. Beyond the essential services, the various extras you decide to offer at your hotel depending on the guests you want to attract. Families respond differently than business travellers; international guests are not looking for the same things as nationals, and clients who stay at your facilities for a weekend getaway do not have the same priorities as people who make long-term stays at your property. 
Rogers house will help you determine the most suitable guests for your property. Once you have it clear, they recommend you to contact them with services and special offers.

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