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Mobile App Development with Flutter: What are The Advantages

Developing a mobile app these days has to be taken into account how it can be accessed from a wide variety of devices. That’s why cross-platform mobile frameworks are so useful, and Flutter is a popular option among global developers. In a developer survey conducted in 2021, 42% of developers used Flutter apps. This means around one-third of developers prefer cross-platform mobile frameworks. But why should you use Flutter to develop a mobile app? To find the answer, keep reading the article where we have discussed the advantages of implementing Flutter.

What is Flutter?

Using Google’s UI toolkit, Flutter, it is now easy to create a stunning, natively compiled app for mobile and desktop. ‘Sky’ was the codename of the first version of Flutter. However, Flutter 1.0 could only run on Android. A lot of improvement in the performance of Flutter has been observed when Flutter 1.12 was introduced in 2019.

Some key points about Flutter

  • Flutter is a cross-platform tool that is primarily used to create mobile apps from a single code base.
  • Flutter app code is written in Dart, an open -source  programming language launched by Google to develop fast apps on any platform.
  • Widgets are an important component of a Flutter app. After all, the UI is created by combining multiple widgets. OEM widgets, on the other hand, are not included in Flutter.
  • Flutter comes with its own set of ready-to-use widgets. Furthermore, the development of

custom widgets is also possible.

Benefits of using Flutter in order to develop a mobile app

As it has several benefits, Flutter is a popular choice among leading mobile app development services providers in India. A fast-paced world requires you to find a quick way to build a mobile app that is also cost-effective. Furthermore, who doesn’t want to create an app with a stunning user interface? All of this is achievable with a Flutter application. Consider the following points to know more about the advantages of using Flutter.

  • Faster coding: Flutter is a popular choice if you need an app to be developed faster since it speeds up the development process. Additionally, modifying the code is not restricted. Moreover, you can see the changes instantly in the app. Yes, Flutter has this amazing feature called ‘Hot reload’. This feature can help you fix bugs instantly. Hot reload is certainly an excellent feature if you want to change the look of your app. Of course, you won’t have to wait long to observe the changes. Therefore, it is useful not only for designing the app but also for quality checking.
  • Open source: Flutter is advantageous since it provides easy access to open-source forum documentation. Moreover, this forum provides a wonderful opportunity for app developers to learn about changing Flutter trends. Overall, it’s an excellent way to improve the productivity of app developers.
  • The single code base for various platforms: Flutter’s popularity stems from the fact that it saves a lot of time. It doesn’t need to rely on platforms because Flutter has its own ready-made widgets. App programmers don’t have to write codes for Android and for iOS separately. Since Flutter is a cross-platform framework, it’s possible. Besides saving your time and energy, it can also reduce your expenses.
  • Quality checking takes less time as well: It’s amazing to have one app that works on two distinct platforms. After all, this will cut down on quality checking time as well. Your quality assurance team simply needs to assess the quality of a single app. Therefore, Flutter is an excellent tool for making quality assurance a simpler and less time-consuming task. That’s why Flutter is a top pick by any reliable app development agency in India.
  • The benefits of Dart as a programming language: Since Dart is the programming language used by Flutter; it adds some of its most useful features to the app. Its features include a huge standard library, strong typing, and also garbage collection. App developers do not have to put much effort into developing the app because of its reactive programming style.
  • Custom widgets: When using Flutter, designing the app’s UI is even faster. Because of its custom widgets, the process of app creation has become easier. Since you only have to design a UI element once, it doesn’t take much time. This will adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Helps attract more investors: To raise funding for your projects, you’ll need investors, and MVP can help. What exactly is it? The Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, helps in the representation of your app’s fundamental functions and features. When an MVP is built with Flutter, the user experience is excellent. As a result, you will be able to attract investors for the benefit of your projects.
  • Development of apps adaptable for various devices: Choosing Flutter to develop a mobile app is a wise decision. You can create a highly scalable app that runs on a variety of platforms. Above all, the app is compatible with popular platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. So, Flutter is an excellent choice when making an app for various devices.
  • Budget-friendly: When it comes to designing an app without spending a lot of money, Flutter is a good choice. Basically, Flutter lets app developers integrate a lot of features without spending extra money on it. Besides, you don’t have to prepare different apps for various platforms. This way, app development with Flutter is completely cost-effective.
  • Customization: Flutter allows app developers to have full control over every part of the screen. They are even allowed to animate images and have control over the video and text. As a result, you can create the app precisely how you want it.


Every service provider requires a highly effective app in order to provide smooth services. Is it, however, sensible to spend all of your money on app development? Can you even afford to construct an app that will take a long time to develop? As a result, a tool like Flutter is required to make the process of app development easier. With its advantages, you are not only going to get an app that is useful, but also a valuable solution for your business within a very short period of time.


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