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In-Demand Marketing Technology in 2023

Nowadays, digital marketing has become a significant element of businesses, and technological advancements determine the most effective ways to connect with your target audience.

The significant trends to watch in 2022 include providing more original content, introducing chatbot services, optimizing for voice search, maximizing social media marketing, and establishing an exciting user experience.

More technical developments are emerging every year for businesses. Businesses that remain on top of the latest marketing trends have a better chance of reaching new heights in their business success.

In 2022, the following ten in-demand technology trends are worth considering.

10 Technology Trends You Should Know


One of the most common uses of a chatbot is to enable users to connect with digital devices just like they were speaking to a real person through messaging.

Chatbots are significant as one-line applications that answer to basic inquiries or as advanced as digital assistants. They learn and improve over time to provide more individualized service as they gather and analyze more data.

Machine learning and AI developments will make chatbots more realistic in 5 years. Voice bots such as Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and more are effective marketing technology trends that can gather customer inquiries and enhance traffic and conversions.

Tech integration of wearables

Implementing wearable tech trends opens up new opportunities for reaching audiences and developing relationships with people. With the smartwatch and several smart devices, more targeted advertising is possible. For example, a person seeking a clothing shop may receive a notice from a smartwatch as they pass by one.

Wearable tech trends in marketing help marketers scope with their target buyers at the right place and time. It will help businesses to expand more sales.

Wearable technology may play a role in SEO in the same way that mobile optimization does. Potential website admins may be encouraged to optimize their sites for a smartwatch or other wearable devices to have a better rating.

Story-driven content visualization

With the growth of tech devices and voice searches in the past years, it’s straightforward to accept that content is more necessary than graphics and visuals.

According to the study, most people choose visually attractive content over text only. To see the proof of this, all you need to do is look at how popular image-centric platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have become.

Visuals are also more potent than written content. Including data visualizations, animations, photos, and videos in the content makes it more fascinating and appealing but may also help your content be more easily absorbed.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is the capacity of a computer program or machine to hear, interpret, and act on spoken directions. AI and smart assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana have made voice recognition more popular and valuable.

This technology trend started on computers, but with its integration into smartphones and expanding demand, it has become more accessible to in-home devices. As a result, technology is now accessible in our kitchens, dining rooms, and so on.

Businesses are considering using speech recognition technology since there is increasing interest in it and a large user base nowadays.

Social media marketing

The importance of social media in digital business marketing is undeniable. Instagram videos, live streams, and podcasts are among the most popular in 2022. Facebook is still not going away since it has so much power.

LinkedIn has become more powerful, particularly as influencers use this to enhance their message. Regarding influencers, this year will be the year of the professionals with limited but devoted followers. The niche is significant, and those who control the open sea with minimal or no competition manage it.

Data Analytics  and demand generation

Data analytics and demand generation are among the most in-demand marketing skills today. According to research,  B2B executives and industry leaders place a high priority on lead creation. However, to get there, businesses must be able to monitor and reach out to new customers to gain their trust.

It’s important to analyze your narrative approach and content to see whether it interacts with your target audience. Customer interest in your products and services can be created by data and analytics, as well as marketing-focused to generate demand for your products and services.


Today’s future integration of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) is known as the metaverse. It creates a new 3D immersive experience wherein users can mix the real world with the virtual world.

NASCAR advertisement on Roblox is one example of this. Users can make avatars to “experience” items without purchasing them. It has evolved to “advertising games,” when marketers and businesses promote through games.

Businesses are now using new technologies such as augmented reality to create hybrid shopping experiences that allow customers to fit clothes, sit on chairs, live in particular places, and more.

No cookies at all

Complaints regarding data collection privacy have increased over the past few years. For this reason, Google is preparing to introduce a cookie-free future in 2023 as the market leader in advertising technologies.

Google will release a new technology at the end of 2022, officially declaring the end of cryptographic hash cookies. Cookies are made from customer information, like email accounts, but cookie replacements need high-quality, specialized data to be effective.

Mobile generation

Teenagers and Generation Z are referred to be mobile generations. Browsing the web is no longer a need or routine for them but a pastime. Therefore, these buyers are often conducting their shopping or purchasing products, yet this trend will remain.

Here are the following advantages of this technology trend:

  • Taking priority mobile-first design
  • Improving the mobile-friendliness of their platforms.
  • Making use of content.
  • Targeting based on location.

VR Campaigns

Marketing technology has covered VR campaigns for a long time. It was created in 2017 by Adidas and enabled viewers to watch several mountain climbers in real-time. Advertisements that include augmented or virtual reality work well with consumers’ desire to focus on the shopping experience rather than the cost of the products.

The younger generation can also be targeted through new marketing technology. An integrated campaign will impact children more than online marketing or TV commercials.

Final Thoughts

Marketing technologies today will change how managers plan, manage and track their campaigns.

Using these trends and advantages, they support your business in more precisely defining your target audience, discovering a solution to develop a relationship with a new customer, and managing advertising budgets more effectively.


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