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What Your Favorite Pokemon Says About You Part 1

There are almost 1,000 Pokemon in the Pokedex at this point, ranging from ghastly ghosts to adorable animals. While there are so many Pokemon out there, we all have our favorites. These are Pokemon that just stand out to us — that speak to us. Whether it’s their appearance, their strength, or their personality, we all have a favorite Pokemon.

Oftentimes, our favorite Pokemon can also say a lot about ourselves. They speak to us for a certain reason after all. In this article, we will break down what your favorite Pokemon says about you and, in turn, what non nicotine vape flavor you should get!

Gengar is a devious ghost Pokemon that’s part of the original 151. It’s known for being sneaky and mischievous, often getting pleasure out of surprising people by popping up behind them with a sinister smile. Gengar is not only scary to look at, however. In one Pokedex entry, it was said that Gengar loves to disguise itself as someone’s shadow and then stalk them undetected. If that’s not creepy enough, Gengar also likes to put a curse on these poor saps.

If you find yourself drawn to Gengar, you’re most likely a bit of a shy person. While you can sometimes appear boisterous and loud, your social battery is often drained quite easily. You don’t do well in large crowds and often find yourself sitting alone with the host’s cat at parties. When people get to know you, however, they often learn that you have a silly side. You are known for your humor amongst your closest friends. But you often wish you could open up more to people about your innermost feelings, which you often keep hidden.

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Gardevoir is elegant in her appearance, with her sultry yet strong gaze and flowing dress-like design. This Pokemon is upbeat, cheerful, and always seems happy to help others. Gardevoir isn’t afraid to express their warmth towards others, whether it be Pokemon or trainers. What sets Gardevoir apart as well is this Pokemon’s extreme intelligence. She often understands human concepts more than other species.

If you find yourself obsessed with Gardevoir, you are most likely a very caring person. You are quite empathetic, able to relate to how others feel in most scenarios thanks to your caring nature and intuition. You like to have a circle of close friends that you share secrets with but don’t like being vulnerable with people you don’t know as well. At parties, you are often helping in any way you can, whether it’s serving food or setting up board games. Your kindness makes people trust you, but you are personally not quick to trust others yourself.

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This uniquely designed dragon looks like an ancient demon from mythical stories of yore. Its fantastical design has made Rayquaza one of the most popular legendary Pokemon there is. Rayquaza has a strong personality that matches its intense appearance. It’s known for being highly territorial and will relentlessly chase down anyone that gets into its space. But Rayquaza has a softer side and will let go of grudges when other Pokemon shows it kindness.

If you find yourself intrigued with Rayquaza, you’re most likely a very intense person. You are bold and unafraid of speaking your mind. Even if you don’t have the most popular opinion, you will voice it — and you enjoy the argument that ensues, not willing to back down from your point. You’re stubborn in that way. But you are often misunderstood due to your vocal nature. Underneath the bravado, you are honestly quite sensitive. You may not care what others think but you do care about how they feel. You are often the friend people turn to when they need advice or want support. You can seem like a bit of a loner when it comes to crowds, but you are forgiving and kind with friends once you trust them.

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