Video Marketing: transferring Company Values ​​with the Web and Digital Communication


Video and Video Marketing are by now fundamental elements for the Communication, Promotion and Sale of Companies.

To think about the importance of using Video Marketing for Corporate Communication and Sales, it is useful to start with some premises on the World and Digital Context .

Web and Social Statistics in the World

  • about 5 billion people connected to the internet in the world
  • over 66% of the world’s population uses smartphones
  • over 4 billion people are active on social media

The time spent online and especially on social media continues to increase every year. On average we spend around 7 hours a day online .

A couple of really curious facts:

  • at this rate, we will collectively spend over 420 million years on these platforms during 2021
  • and the total time spent by all of humanity online will collectively be 1.3 billion years

A truly impressive figure!

So, 5 billion people on the internet , 4 billion on social media , 5 billion cell phone users and more and more time spent roaming the web.

And the type of content most consumed on the Internet, on social networks and on mobile phones is Video .

Already this simple consideration alone makes us understand the importance of using Video , and therefore Video Marketing, in Corporate Communication.

In fact, if we exclude the messaging social networks WhatsApp and Messenger, the most used social networks in the world are Facebook , YouTube and Instagram , platforms where communication takes place almost exclusively through videos and images.

Web and Social Statistics in Italy

Italy is perfectly in line with the world average:

  • nearly 50 million people connected to the internet
  • 35 million people active on social media
  • over 80 million smartphones for a resident population of 60 million
  • 98% of Italians access social media every day using a mobile phone

And speaking of social networks, the social network most loved and used is YouTube , a platform which, as we all know, lives exclusively on video content.

In a nutshell, this is the  worldwide web overview .

But continuing on this canvas let’s try to go even deeper by helping ourselves with some other data.

What happens on the web every 60 seconds?

The numbers that answer this question return the imprint of an increasingly voluminous communication that travels ever faster . 

Some of the most relevant:

  • nearly 1.5 million people make video calls with over 200,000 zoom users every minute
  • over 400,000 hours of video viewed on Netflix
  • about 150,000 photos uploaded to Facebook
  • over 41 million messages sent on WhatsApp
  • 500 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube
  • $1 million spent on Online Shopping

Capturing Attention

These numbers say, without the possibility of contradiction, that we are constantly immersed in a flow of communication that runs ever stronger , which envelops and bombards us.

From this it follows that we all become better and better at defending ourselves against this pressing communication. As a result, the attention span is lowered online .

Potential customers put filters and raise increasingly solid barriers to communication.

When you are preparing to sell something online, be it a product or a service, even before competing with other similar products and services, the competition with competitors is for public attention .

The first thing that must be conquered online is the attention of the public, of the potential customer!

And it’s a competition for attention that often takes place in the time of a click or a scroll of the social wall.

How and why to use a Video for Your Communication

CRUCIAL QUESTIONS : How to win this competition? How to be heard in such a chaotic context that runs so fast?

ANSWER : By far the most effective tool for communicating on the Internet is the video.

A video allows you to:

  • communicate quickly and succinctly
  • synthesize information
  • explain complex concepts in a simple way using the help of images, sounds and colors.

A video captures attention and keeps it alive long enough to convey the message .

On the internet we have less and less desire to read but we are willing to listen to something that interests us, something that can be useful to us.

Making Video Marketing: 4 Substantial Benefits

  • it is much less demanding than a written text
  • manages to excite those who listen to us
  • it’s less boring and more fun
  • a message that comes from a video is memorized more easily

A Video is convenient

By the way a Video is very convenient to use. Indeed, a video:

  • can be used on a site
  • included in a promotional campaign
  • sent by email
  • can be shown during a trade appointment
  • you can use it during a meeting
  • it becomes a sort of talking business card or brochure

Video is among the most powerful communication tools ever .

Answer these 3 questions and you’ll have an explosive video that your audience will want to listen to and remember:

  • Who do I contact?
  • What do I want to get?
  • What are the strengths to leverage?

Once again the numbers support these considerations:

  • videos will account for 82% of total traffic by 2022
  • Over a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day
  • On Facebook, videos have 59% higher engagement rates than other types of content
  • Product videos can increase purchases by 144%
  • 70% of users choose the video to find out more about a product or service before deciding to purchase
  • 92% of Italians say they often watch online videos
  • already in 2019, 8 out of 10 users declared that they had purchased a software or an application after watching the video of their presentation

Video and Video Marketing for Companies

Video is also an exceptional Digital Marketing Tool .

In fact, through Digital Marketing techniques it is possible to ensure that a video has the maximum possible visibility towards the target of interest.

Put even more simply, you can make sure that all users interested in a brand, service or product see a specific video .

When promoting a video you can choose a series of features to target your audience very precisely . For example you can choose:

  • the geographical area where to show the video
  • the demographic characteristics of the audience
  • the interests of the public
  • purchases made in the past by users

In short, the audience can be selected in a very targeted way to ensure that all potential buyers see the video in question .

YouTube Marketing and Smart TV

YouTube is now synonymous with Video and Video Marketing. 

Marketing on YouTube is a very powerful tool, but  still very underrated.

Already since 2010 YouTube is comparable to television channels such as Rai 2 and Italia 1 in terms of reachable audience.

If well promoted, a video on YouTube can reach a huge audience with a cost for each viewing that is sometimes even less than a euro cent.

Using YouTube it is then possible to bring companies on television without going through the traditional channels .


Simple… taking advantage of the growing diffusion of Smart TVs .

In fact, Google CC data says that users often watch YouTube on their TV, sitting on the sofa, together with their family.

The use of videos is now personalized and YouTube allows you to enter people’s homes also through the TV, positioning companies on a par with national television schedules.

Having said all this, it is clear how much Video and Video Marketing must necessarily be placed at the center of Corporate Communication and Sales .