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Top 10 Courier Delivery Apps List 2023 for Seamless Logistic Services

The on-demand magic has spread its effect on every business. Every venture today has an on-demand app to boost its visibility online and help it in its endeavour to earn a good percentage of revenue as well. Even setups that are into providing last-mile deliveries have also now gotten themselves empowered with an app to make these offerings easy to provide to the end customers. Sending of parcels and letters have been made easy by Findpostoffice.org as well. This is the reason why the profitability scope for the market has grown manifold. Thanks to the solution, the market is predicted to experience growth of about 4.9% by the end of 2023.

So, the question that I am sure you must be having- what are the factors & features responsible for the courier delivery app’s growing popularity?

After reading, you will get a comprehensive knowledge of this area first. Simultaneously, you would also gain insight into:

• 10 popular courier delivery apps stirring a revolution in the logistics business

• Benefits these apps have provided to the business and customers

• Why is it crucial to have the courier delivery app built and uberized?

Factors Responsible for Popularity of Parcel Delivery App

• Enables customers to book parcel delivery and be able to track the expected time of arrival

• Automates fleet management activities and allows the logistic setup to carry on its different operations with utmost convenience and comfort

• Reduces paperwork dependency for the courier setup as all details related to parcel get stored within the app

Are these reasons the only ones that are responsible for the app’s rising popularity? The answer to this is no. Some statistics also give an estimate of the overall lucrative value of the solution for the industry.

Statistics Depicting Profitable Scope of Parcel Delivery App

1. The on demand courier delivery market is predicted to have a value of $400 billion by 2024

2. The presence of the app will help the courier and delivery services market to witness a growth of about 4.9% by the end of 2023

Through these attractive numbers, you can get an estimate of what makes the app such a lucrative solution after all for the logistics venture.

If you visit the app marketplaces, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store for Android and iOS respectively, you will come across many apps that particularly have been responsible for the courier delivery services becoming easy to provide. I have however shortlisted the ten best ones from them for 2023, listing their year of launch, their standout quality, etc., to name a few.

1.     Borzo

Year of Launch – 2016

Areas of Delivery – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Pune


1.         Easy tracking

2.         Same day delivery

3.         Single or multiple deliveries

4.         Order modification

5.         In-app support chat

2.     Evri

Year of Launch – 2009

Areas of Service – All over the UK except Channel Islands, PO Boxes, and British Forces Post Office


1.         Real-time parcel tracking

2.         Find parcel nearby

3.         Parcel delivery status

4.         Share delivery to share tracking information

5.         My places to set preference for all parcel deliveries

3.     Pidge

Year of Launch – 2019

Areas of Service – All over Delhi NCR


1.         Same-day delivery

2.         Live delivery reports of bulk orders

3.         Track orders in real-time

4.         Schedule order

5.         Feedback and review

4.     Dunzo

Year of Launch – 2014

Areas of Service – Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, etc


1.         Multiple payments

2.         Review and ratings

3.         Discounts, rewards, and coupons

4.         Push notifications

5.         Social media integration

5.     deliver.ee

Year of Launch – 2013

Areas of Service – Over 60 cities in France and 300 cities in Europe


1.         Geo-located delivery tracking

2.         Delivery in less than 2 hours

3.         Real-time data visualization

4.         Cost control

5.         Easy delivery management

6.     Onfleet

Year of Launch – 2015

Areas of Service – All over the USA


1.         Route optimization

2.         Search and filter

3.         Auto assign

4.         In-app chat

5.         ETA

7.     UPS

Year of Launch – 2017

Areas of Service – All over the USA


1.         Track packages

2.         Ship package

3.         Manage home deliveries

4.         Access mobile barcode functionality for onsite label printing at UPS stores

5.         Get a quote and create a shipment

8.     Tezzkart

Year of Launch – 2020

Areas of Service – Noida, Delhi, etc


1.         Digital printing services

2.         Price calculator

3.         Select product category

4.         Change pickup/delivery location

5.         Automated tracking

9.     SmartRoutes

Year of Launch – 2017

Areas of Service – All over Ireland


1.         Real-time tracking

2.         Navigation for drivers

3.         Update routes in real-time

4.         Route management

5.         Customer mapping

10.  DeliveryApp

Year of Launch – 2019

Areas of Service – All over the UK


1.         Same-day courier

2.         Multi-drop

3.         Schedule delivery

4.         Urgent and express delivery

5.         Quick Quote

With idea of these ten popular on demand courier delivery apps, you can formulate why the logistic venture has experienced such a wide growth in revenue and popularity both.

Therefore, if you are planning to digitize your logistic setup, it is undoubtedly a profitable proposition indeed. It will ensure the business and the customers get advantages as the ones listed below.

Advantages of the Parcel Delivery App

• Customers get an added level of transparency in terms of getting the tariff rates for the parcel deliveries they have booked

• Logistic business gets the support to automate their operations and carry on their different tasks such as fleet management, warehouse management, etc with the added convenience

• Paperwork dependency gets reduced a great deal for the business as the app stores all the details related to the courier, its weight, the date of delivery, and so on.

Looking at these points, and the popular courier delivery apps, you can understand, why you should uberize your venture with a Uber for courier app.

Points to Remember When You Develop Parcel Delivery App

• Conduct thorough competitor research and study the solution they have developed. Understand their missing elements, check on the level of satisfaction that customers have with the app, and identify if their inclusion will bring value or not.

• Select a business model that gives you the assistance to earn revenues. There are different models from which you can select, namely, through a package and courier service application, through tracking aggregators, and finally through a branded app.

• Identify features whose inclusion will allow easy courier delivery services to take place and allow you to be able to manage your operations with utmost convenience too.

• Use tech stacks that allow app functionality to remain robust and ensure that zero incidents of app crashes take place.

• Connect with a courier delivery app development company offshore having the skills in building a customer parcel delivery app so you can achieve scalability and growth successfully. Also, you can successfully build a brand for your entrepreneurial setup in the shortest time.

Last, it is important to reflect on the cost factor.

Cost to Develop Parcel Delivery App

When you set out on the journey of building a parcel delivery app, the approximate cost will be somewhere between $15,000 to $20,000.

It however needs to be noted, that the cost will vary and might go up based on some factors. They are-

•           The complexity of features you include

•           Tech stacks you use

•           The country you get development services from

•           Functionalities you add to the app

Wrapping Up

Taking a peek through the ten popular courier delivery apps you can observe that the industry indeed has an extremely lucrative scope. Therefore, investing in a parcel delivery app is certainly a profitable proposition. Hence, if you are setting about building the Uber for courier app, connect with a courier delivery app development company offshore immediately. Through the expertise they have in building such custom solutions, they will walk you to a path that is filled with enormous profits and customers for your courier delivery setup. As they say, any time is the right time. Hence, if you invest your hours in the right way for your entrepreneurial setup when you are developing it, you can be sure to earn a good amount of revenue and returns from Day 1 itself.

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