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Share Some Tips to Make Your Online Event an Engaging Experience.

When we plan an online event, what is our first concern? To get the maximum audience for our event, right? It is the right approach. But suppose you have gotten enough attendees on your webinar platform, now what? You need to ensure that those who have made it to the event stay till the end. 

As an organizer, you need to ensure that the people who have joined your event, in the beginning, stay till the end. If you can’t see it happening, it would be a clear indication of the failure of your strategies. Not only this, audience engagement rate is considered one of the most crucial factors that decide the success of an online event. While it is easier for the organizers to keep the audience hooked to the event if it is hosted at a physical venue, the same gets challenging in the case of a virtual event. However, there are certain tips and techniques used by online event organizers, which ensure that the audience stays hooked to the event. 

In this blog, we will share those tips and tricks with you; incorporating them into your strategies will help you maintain a constant audience engagement rate throughout the session. So, without any ado, let us get started with the blog. 

1.Live Polls and Q&A Sessions: 

There are several webinar platforms that offer users Live Polls and Q&A tools. You can use these tools to keep the attendees busy during the event. In the case of online events, attendees can get bored easily, it is because these events lack two-way communication. However, there are several online event platforms that let organizers facilitate two-way communication. These platforms offer tools like Live Polls which enable attendees to participate in the webinars. Such features not only keep the attendees engaged but also make them feel valued and special. 

You can ask certain questions in between the session and ask the viewpoints of the attendees. It will allow them to participate in the discussion and make them feel a part of the event. 

2.Stick to the Decided Event Agenda: 

While you might be surprised to see us talking about it, yes, the event agenda also plays a crucial role in maintaining the audience engagement rates. It is because of several reasons. First is the fact that attending an online event is different from attending an event offline. While it is easy to keep the audience engaged during a physical event, it is not that easy for online events. Not only this, attention span and Zoom fatigue are some of the most common factors that affect the engagement rates of the event. In this case, if you get carried away and get distracted, your audience won’t think twice before leaving your event midway. Hence, always stick to the predetermined agenda; your attendees have already prepared themselves for it. 

3.Conduct Entertainment Sessions: 

Another way you can keep your online event attendees hooked to the event is by conducting a few entertaining activities. It will help the attendees to relax; Also, it will help them interact with other attendees, the sponsors, and people present at the event. Apart from that, entertainment sessions are a great way to ensure that the attendees stay with you till the end. Not only this, but if you are hosting an in-house online event or webinar, you can also host some virtual team-building games. It will allow your attendees to interact with each other, have a fun time, and stay hooked to the event, and you will have a constant audience engagement rate. Also, it goes without saying that such activities add value to the overall experience of the attendees. 

4.Collaborate With Famous Faces: 

We all have some craze when it comes to celebrities, and we will never leave a chance of meeting our favorite celebrities. Right? Well, you can use this fact to boost the audience attendance rate as well as maintain a constant audience engagement rate throughout the session. 

You can invite some industry professionals and experts to speak at your sessions. It will make the overall experience of your attendees more valuable. Also, while you are scheduling it, schedule the keynote session at a particular time and somewhere at the end of the event. It will ensure that the attendees stay on the webinar platform till the end. Scheduling the session, in the beginning, will cause a major drop in the audience engagement rate of the session. 

5.Conduct Giveaways: 

Who doesn’t love free gifts? We all do, right; your attendees will also love it. You can conduct some giveaways and bribe your attendees to be a part of your webinar till the end. What you can do is conduct some contests throughout the session. Also, encourage your attendees to participate in the contests. One thing you should take into consideration is announcing the winners at the end of the session. Also, announce that you will keep dropping questions and such interesting contests throughout the event. It will compel your attendees to attend your event till the end. It is a great way to boost the overall audience engagement rates; also, conducting giveaways is a proven way to attract more audience to your event and your brand. 

As we mentioned earlier, audience engagement rate is one of the most important factors that decide the success of your online event. In fact, it is considered one of the top most factors that organizers choose to calculate their ROI. Hence, it goes without saying that it is one of the top-most factors that you should consider while planning your online event. As an organizer, you should know that planning an online event requires the organizers to keep a check on some factors which don’t require much attention in case of an offline event. Hence, you should plan carefully. We hope the ideas that we have shared here with you help you in making your online event worth attending. Hence, if you are planning your online event, don’t forget to include these tips and tricks in your planning. 

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