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Kids Games For Great Family Fun

Gather your family, young and old, and choose games from this list of 25 funny and cool games to play together during the holidays or at the weekend. These games for the whole family are a real treat for everyone, ideal for taking your next evening to the next level, that of laughter!

Games for the whole family: active games

Sardines : A variant of hide and seek , this game like afk arena tier list is fun for all ages, and is even more fun to play in an entire house with the lights off or dimmed. One player is chosen to be the first sardine while the rest of the players huddle together and count to 100 while the sardine goes to hide. Then the players disperse and quietly start looking for the sardine. Once a player finds the sardine, they quietly hunker down in the same hiding place, until, one by one, each player joins the “sardine can”. The last player to find the sardines is the first to hide for the next round.

Balloons : one of the simplest and easiest to understand games for the whole family that will appeal to all ages. Make teams of 2-3 players, each team must keep a ball in the air by blowing on it. The team that drops its ball is eliminated. The last team standing wins the game.

Snowball fight (indoor) : one of the funniest games for the whole family for which you will need two reams of white paper (the ideal here is rather to recycle old paper or newspaper). Divide the group into two teams, each team in its own “camp” is equipped with a ream of paper. Each team has 15 minutes to create “snowballs” by crumpling the sheets of paper into snowball shapes. Once the time is up (15 minutes), the battle can begin! Collect the “snowballs” from the opposing team and take the opportunity to unleash a new wave of “snowballs”!

The Thimble : Players leave the room while you hide a thimble. Then they come back into the room and have to find him. Whoever finds it will be the next to hide it.

Foosball : this game is played with a table, a ping-pong ball and straws. Score two goals on the kitchen table. Use straws to advance the ping pong ball into the goals.

Musical chairs without elimination : is played in the same way as the classic musical chairs; you start the music and the players walk in single file around the chairs. When the music stops, they all have to sit on a chair. Then a chair is removed and the music resumes. But here more than one player can use a chair. Thus, as chairs are removed, players are not eliminated, but are forced to share the remaining chairs. Tell the players that no foot should touch the ground, which forces them to help each other so that everyone has their feet in the air. One of the best games for the whole family to develop cooperation. You will find another version of musical chairs without elimination on this page.

Statues : Put on some music, get everyone dancing, then hit pause. The first to move is eliminated. And so on, until only one person remains, the winner!

Games for the whole family: puzzle games

The book : get three or four well-known books (Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, etc.), pencils and paper. Choose a book: players must guess and write the first sentence of this book. All the sentences are read, then the original (the one in the book). The sentence closest to the original wins the game (as a reward, he may be able to choose which will be the next game or games for the whole family that you will play).

The Game Dictionary: in this game for the whole family, each player has a piece of paper and something to write on. A player quickly searches the dictionary for a word that is most likely to be unfamiliar to the group. The reader reads the chosen word to the rest of the group, spelling it if necessary and each player writes it down on their paper. Each player then writes a definition they think is correct (or funny) for the word, while the player with the dictionary writes the correct definition. The players then pass their papers to the 1st player, who shuffles them, then reads the definitions one by one to the whole group, including the actual definition. Players then vote for the definition they think is correct, and the first player records the number of votes for each definition (1 point for each vote) and then reveals the true definition. The dictionary is then passed to another player and the next round begins the same way. The player with the most points for their definitions at the end of the game is the dictionary king.



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