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Key Differences Between MEng and MSC Courses

If you are looking forward to getting an advanced degree in engineering, you must know the difference between MEng and MSC. Degrees are one of the safest ways to enhance your salary and career options.

Even find several schools and grads that would readily argue with the point that you would find that both Ms engineering and my degree are a mix of coursework and research. And you will not find any of the degrees just based on practical or classroom learning.

The primary difference between meng and MSC

Firstly you need to know that the few core differences in both the programs are present. The duration of the master’s engineering consists of just a few semesters compared to the Master of Science. It also reduces the total time of the course completion for meng vs MSC, where there are several other semesters. Both the programs require graduation in the relevant field and may or may not require GRE depending on your university’s requirement.

You must understand the significance of gradient divergence and curl before deciding which degree to take up. MSC mainly focuses on the thesis, research-based education, while the master of engineering considers practical training and applications of technical knowledge.

Masters of engineering versus the masters of science Akademik differences

You will notice that the outcomes are generally the same when considering the master of engineering in mechanical engineering and the master of science in mechanical engineering. The path is undoubtedly different. The course was technical even though it’s a matter of what you look forward to taking. The key difference here is that in the case of the master of science in engineering degree, the portfolio project is given as per the master’s engineering degree.

The main difference between both courses is that a master of science degree is for students looking forward to learning more about theories and research and might require them to work on thesis papers. In contrast, masters of engineering focus on technical learning and practical application. You must also know that not all schools will offer the same courses or at least in the same field.

Recruitment and salary differences

After you learn the significance of gradient divergence and curl, you must understand what recruitment you will get after completing the courses. Outcomes are similar if the core content is similar to the Academy. It is also fair to consider the big difference between MSC and meng in how employers recruit from the programs.

The companies registered to participate in the recruitment process do not mention any specific degree. They provide the level they are looking at, which means the bachelor’s or master’s or the department they are explicitly looking at, like mechanical engineering. They will also mention if they are looking for full-time people or interns. It seems to make little difference whether you are pursuing a Master of Science in engineering or master of engineering when choosing the course.


You should understand which course to pursue as the most significant difference between the courses especially considering that you will find top schools offering both degrees. It’s not right to declare the excellent course of the two; you must understand your goals to kick start your career.Every student who wants to study engineering abroad faces a common dilemma – should they choose MEng or MSc? If you check with educational consultants, they will tell you that there is not much difference. Others may tell you that an MEng is known as an MSc in some countries. But if you’ve done a bit of research, you’ll find that some universities offer both an MSc and an MEng – so an MSc is not a substitute for an MEng. Rather, they are different approaches to the same topic. In this article, we explore how the two courses affect students’ employability.


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