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7 Reasons Local SEO is Excellent for Small Businesses

Starting and running a business can be overwhelming especially when it’s your first venture. You will think about the different ways to enhance the popularity of your business while sourcing resources from every angle. However, there are many developments today that business owners can leverage to attain the success they want.

With the evolvement of the marketing sphere, there is currently a range of digital marketing solutions that are fetching businesses incredible results. Among these solutions is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is a wide field with local SEO as a subset. Local SEO is generally an SEO strategy that allows businesses to become more visible in local searches.

With the ever-increasing “near me” searches, it’s of a disadvantage if a business fails to invest in local SEO. The latest statistics indicate that at least 83% of local customers use Google to search for businesses within their locality. Findings also proceed to show that 90% of those searches result in purchases in the subsequent weeks. With that, local SEO can help small businesses attain incredible goals.

It is generally a practice that optimizes a business’s GMB (Google My Business) profile. Local SEO also involves optimizing a brand’s GMB profile with links and keywords. That’s where we find NAP (Name, Address, and phone number). Its activities also stretch to geotagging. So as a small business owner, what can you profit from investing in local SEO? Here are some of the ways;  

  1. Speaks for any Business

Any startup or small business needs a platform from where it can air its voice, and showcase its offerings and local SEO is the answer. Local SEO generally improves the visibility of a business in SERPs and this enhances its popularity. The more Google leads people to your GMB (Google My Business) profile, the more chances of becoming known. Instead of holding talk shows, podcasts, or partnering with influencers, local SEO is a suitable alternative.

#Tip: You can create a Google My Business profile by using the Google search engine itself or you can contact an SEO agency for help. Ensure to provide all the relevant information that you would want your customers to know about or what makes your business different. This will help your business grow despite the prevailing characteristics of the macro environment. Also, it will help you focus on other matters as your business continues to attain better visibility. 

  1. Targets Actual Customers  

Although SEO is an ideal start for better visibility in SERPs, not all traffic may help a business to achieve certain goals. When it comes to sales and lead generation, local SEO is the best alternative. Local SEO practices generally focus on local customers and potential ones. When a Google My Business page is optimized i.e using relevant keywords and links, there are higher chances of fetching the right traffic.

It allows a business to target every local customer before reaching out to far-away ones. After securing the local market, a business can then be able to cross borders.

#Tip: Ensure that your GMB profile is updated whenever required. Feed in all the necessary information, for example, your local address, products or services, and whether you cater to delivery services. 

  1. Local SEO Improves Conversions

For businesses with websites, conversion rates are a crucial dimension. Conversion rates are also vital marketing KPIs that can indicate the performance of your marketing efforts. An active business website profits more from traffic that converts. Local SEO can help small businesses improve conversion rates since it targets relevant traffic. Local SEO also drives potential customers and this allows a business to stand out and grow.

#Tip: If you have a website, ensure to understand your goals, and understand the source of your traffic or customers. Apart from that, optimize your website pages and make necessary updates such as product information, etc. 

  1. Cuts Advertising Spend

Advertising is costly for small businesses, and instead of focusing on PPC (pay-per-click), local SEO is an affordable digital marketing solution. Ads commonly require an actual budget that also depends on how long you want to run your campaigns. However, local SEO is basically cheap for small businesses and can cut advertising costs. It also eliminates the need for running multiple campaigns that may affect the business’s profits.

#Tips: Local SEO will require you to hire an SEO professional and this is certainly more affordable than running Google Ads. 

  1. Increases Brand Awareness 

If you want to manage a successful remote business, local SEO is surely the answer. Local SEO enables a business to appear in the top searches and this boosts trust and authority. Many internet users believe that websites or search results that appear at the top are trustable. With that in mind, driving your local SEO efforts can surely build brand awareness. Apart from that, more local customers will get to know about your small business. 

#Tip: There are many ways small businesses can improve brand awareness with local SEO. Fill in the right business information, run a social media contest, and provide good customer service for customers who reach out to you. 

  1. Doubles Sales

An increase in traffic can directly boost sales for a small business. In addition, higher conversion rates result in more ROI. Therefore, you can invest in local SEO to drive the right customers to your website and shop. 

#Tip: Ensure that your GMB profile and website are optimized. Also, create an omnichannel experience for your customers by leveraging social media. 

  1. Offers a Competitive Edge  

The business world is more competitive than ever. Running a business with a great vision now requires strategic decisions. Investing in local SEO can help a business attain a competitive advantage over its counterparts. Generally, it improves ranking in SERPs, and authority and helps build trust. Even the costs of local SEO have incredible returns in the long run, besides profits and more customers.

To encapsulate, local SEO has gained incredible popularity in the modern era. Currently, whether small or big, many businesses leverage local SEO to survive in the market. 

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