How To Make A Famous Infographic Like You Did Once


Behind every successful infographic, there’s a long list of steps and a lot of work. Creating an infographic is no easy task; going viral means a lot of work has been put into it. If you’re looking to make your infographic famous for the first time, or maybe you had a successful infographic in the past and would like to achieve the same success you once did before, this article might be perfect for you.

Below, we’ll list five essential steps to help create a compelling and hopefully successful infographic. Read on to find out what you need to do to make the ideal infographic.

1.Do thorough research

First things first, you must start with thorough research. Before creating your draft, you must know what topic you’d like to write about, what keywords you need to research, and how well the subject will perform.

Some topics might perform better than others, and some might be a waste of time and energy. To avoid creating infographics that won’t garner attention, you should always invest time and effort into the initial research since it can make or break the rest of the creative process.

2.Start with an outline

Once you have a topic and have all your information lined up, it’s time to create an outline. Having an outline will help keep your thoughts and ideas organized. It will also act as a guide throughout the creation of your infographic.

The great thing about outlines is that they don’t need to be long or refined. Simply jot down the overall layout and flow of the infographic. The outline should act as the skeleton. You don’t need to worry about the details in this stage; just focus on the main ideas and what you would like to deliver through your infographic.

3.Decide what style of infographic you would like to create

The next step in creating an infographic is to know what design style you would like to use. Infographics are all unique and special in their way. They come in all shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose. Short infographics are perfect for sharing on social media, and long infographics are excellent for data-rich information.

Think about what you would like to present. Remember not to overwhelm your audience with too many visual aspects. Although images and illustrations are always great at catching the eye, you shouldn’t make the visuals too overpowering that the audience can’t focus on what you’re trying to say. So, with that in mind, don’t let the visual aspect of your infographic overpower your primary goal of delivering information. 

4.Don’t forget to add compelling statistics and data

What makes infographics what they are is thanks to the compelling data and statistics they carry. After all, an infographic visualizes data and statistics to help people quickly learn and retain that information. 

You can get creative and experiment with different charts and graphs— the sky’s the limit. Just double-check your data and statistics to ensure they are legitimate and come from a reliable source. The last thing you want is to deliver false information to your audience, potentially damaging your credibility. 

5.Publish and promote

Once you have an infographic created, it’s time to publish and promote it. This step is essential because it helps get your infographic recognized and gain traffic. Your infographic will gain traction unless you’re extremely popular on the web. You need to work on getting exposure and traffic to your infographic.

A few good ways to gain exposure is to publish it in various directories, share it on social media, and reach out to fellow bloggers and sites for publication. Without any effort in this step, your infographic might collect dust.

Wrapping up

A famous infographic doesn’t achieve popularity overnight. Other than the apparent time and effort it needs for its fruition, what you do after the creation process is equally important. So, if you’re looking to create a successful infographic, don’t forget to do thorough research, create an outline, have a design in mind, add compelling statistics and data, and publish and promote.