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How Magento Hyva Theme is Advantageous for Your E-commerce Business?

Hyva Themes is a popular development alternative for building Magento 2 store front-end. Although Magento 2 has a default theme named Luma, it has remained the same since the first release. So the theme has become clumsy, sluggish, and challenging for Magento 2 store developers to work with. You won’t face the same set of issues while using Magento 2 Hyva theme because it is developed with speed and efficiency in mind. 

Key Advantages of Magento Hyva Theme 

We have already discussed the fact that the core objective of Hyva is to manage the performance concerns that occur with Luma. There are multiple other benefits offered with Hyva theme, including the following: 

  1. 1. Performance 

Hyva implements a single JavaScript framework named Alpine.js, which assists developers to create important dynamic reactions. These issues were earlier present with Luma as it carried hundreds of JavaScript files and bulky libraries. Moreover, all CSS has been removed and replaced with Tailwind CSS, a framework capable of cutting CSS output by more than 90%. 

Search engines prefer efficient websites, so if you want to drive organic traffic, you need to check that your website is quick to load. A better page speed has positive effects on SEO and directly influences the conversion rate. A website that loads in one second has a higher conversion rate than a website that loads in five seconds. 

  1. 2. Efficiency 

Efficiency is the central point of Hyva theme. Being simple to maintain and offer an improved experience for the developers working on your website. Despite being new to Magento 2 ecosystem, Hyva already offers a sizable community of professional developers. This indicates that numerous developers are working on the compatibility of existing extensions and offering new ideas and solutions for the problem. 

Your hired Magento developers will have less code and files to analyze, thanks to Hyva’s minimalist architecture. Moreover, developers can work on new features and fix bugs. This will lower the overall cost of your e-commerce website creation. 

  1. 3. Reduced Complexity 

We all know about “Progressive Web App” and its working. It is a certain kind of software application delivered through the internet. They are favored because of their amazing performance and similarity to a conventional app. But constructing them consumes more time than a traditional Magento storefront. 

Hyva offers better performance and lower resource requirements thus it provide users with the most advantageous combination. PWAs are suited to enterprises with substantial expenditures and need customization; nevertheless, Hyva could offer alternative that is more suitable for several other merchants. 

  1. 4. Boost Conversion Rate 

E-commerce website speed is the biggest fuel for conversion. You want your Magento website to be blazing quick because: 

  • Starting 5 seconds of loading speed plays a major role in conversion rates. 
  • You also lose 4% of conversion rates with a 1-second page load delay. 

Now conversion rate is dependent on e-commerce performance. That’s a key reason why businesses are focusing more on conversion rate optimization. This is where the Hyvä theme is a savior to address all the needs for web performance. Which it does! 

And with improved page speed, 

  • Less time is spent on optimizing your store 
  • Invest more time in branding and promotional activities 

Wrapping Up 

You need a Magento Hyva theme if your customers look for performance. Hyvä is an optimal solution if you’re creating a new online selling portal from scratch. Hyva current version does not include a new checkout option; still, the theme is compatible with different third-party solutions that can be incorporated into it. Utilizing the Hyva theme, you can use the Magento support service in case of any issue with checkout system compatibility. The Hyva team has also developed its checkout tool offering developers an opportunity to build a unique checkout system. 

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