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How IVR Plays An Important Role In The Tourism Sector?


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a cloud communication technology that allows a business to automate customer interactions for inbound and outbound calls. The responses are offered through pre-recorded voice messages or text-to-speech technology.

There are mainly two types of IVR- single-level IVR and multi-level IVR. In the single-level IVR, the calls are answered with pre-recorded greetings or messages. On the other hand, the multi-level IVR provides a hierarchical structure that expands the capabilities of resolving customer queries instantly. Some IVR provider offers both types.  IVR solutions for small businesses and also large-scale businesses can be used by every industry.

Role of IVR In The Tourism Sector

The tourism industry is a set of industries that includes many factors together which facilitate the act of travel and tourism. Tourism can be purpose based or for recreation. Tourism can also be for educational purposes, medical purposes, business purposes, etc. The industry is operated both by the Government and by private businesses. According to Medlik and Middleton, the five components that make the tourism sector interesting are destination attractions, destination facilities, accessibility, images, and price. Customers want to get all information before deciding to travel. A business can make the five components of tourism more accessible to customers by sharing accurate details with the customers.

The major information related to travel and tourism includes transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, recreation and entertainment, etc. A business can solely take care of everything or connect to each department and offer a single accumulated package to the customers. The best IVR service provider assists in offering smooth service delivery.

Use Cases of IVR in Travel & Tourism

IVR service in India is popularly used in the travel and tourism industry for the following-

  1. To contact online travel agencies and their services
  2. To check hostels, resorts, and travel packages
  3. It helps in offering information related to different tourist travel themes
  4. IVR makes reservations easier that can be changed or canceled, at per convenience
  5. It helps to change a customer’s billing information
  6. It can be used to change lodging preferences
  7. It can be used by a business to collect feedback
  8. It also helps customers to contact customer services for assistance and guidance

IVR plays a very important role in the tourism industry by assisting in offering valuable services to customers. IVR solutions for small business support maximum functionality with fewer human resources.  It helps customers to get information as well as have comfortable and successful travels.

  1. Round-the-call support: It offers 24×7 support that offers customer assistance at any time. It enhances customer satisfaction by offering services to the customer by always being available.
  2. Personalized greetings and information: Greetings and information sharing can be customized. Interactions can be made personalized by adding local music or personalized messages for the customers.
  3. Multiple language support: The information can be shared or the greeting calls can be based on the language chosen by the customer. IVR providers offer multiple language options that a business can choose from to customize and attract more customers. It also helps to deliver a single message in different languages. IVR service in India also offers a business market for local and international customers.
  4. Processing payment and renewal: IVR solutions help customers to renew and process payments without any agent’s help. A customer can use it without any assistance.
  5. Transfer calls: IVR menu can be used by the customer to connect with a specific department without waiting. It reduces navigation time and offers direct service delivery.
  6. Status display: IVR helps to keep the customers informed about the status of their booking, travel, accommodation, etc. Every detail can be checked and is also notified by the solution. It also shares important details needed for sightseeing or travel based on geographical locations. This helps the customers to be prepared.

The best IVR service providers help a business in offering seamless service to customers. IVR service in India is a boon to the tourism industry, as India is a tourist hub. IVR providers are increasing every day with more interesting packages. The best IVR service providers are those that offer budget-friendly packages for every business size. Tourism also includes small-size businesses, thus IVR solution for small businesses best fits in.

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