Benefits Of HDFC Credit Cards

Benefits Of HDFC Credit Cards

Among some of the privately owned banks, HDFC Bank offers a broad selection of credit cards. Over 20 credit cards are presently available from the bank, each of which has been tailored to meet a specific requirement. The company has a card for every area, including luxury, eating, retail, and traveling. Along with other features like free lounge entry, golf games, discounts on eating, free cinema tickets, and much more, HDFC credit cards allow you to receive bonus credits or cashback on various purchases.


Quick availability of funds:

In addition to being completely safe, HDFC Bank credit cards also offer immediate approval and access. In this, a prospective user is directed to the webpage for a quick online form that is issued with just one tap. When your application is accepted, you’ll get an electronic copy of your credit card inside a file that will be protected with a passcode, which you’ll be able to use to make transactions digitally.

Savings on shopping and purchases:

Seeing that we are living in a digital age in which internet spending is considerably more popular than traditional store shopping, using the types of credit cards that will benefit you in this matter is indeed a smart and fair choice. Special deals are available with your HDFC Bank Credit Cards while using the bank’s official website, SmartBuy. Users can take full advantage of benefits when paying with the PayZapp mobile application.

Travel benefits:

If you are a devoted wanderer, getting an HDFC Credit Card will be a blessing for you, especially the HDFC Diners Club Black, which is specifically made for travelers and offers benefits like unrestricted visits to 1000+ airport lounges nationally and around the globe for main and add-on cardholders. Purchase plane tickets and places to stay from more than 150 different airlines both national & International. If you frequently travel abroad, lounge visits and relatively low currency markup features would lead to significant savings for you.


Unlike traditional credit cards that requires manually swiping or dipping the cards, contactless cards make it possible for users to make purchases just with a simple tap against the reader, note that the machine also must be set up to accept contactless payments. Such cards eliminate the need for swiping, PIN input, and signature authentication during transactions. To complete any purchase, simply tap your HDFC Bank Contactless Credit Card on the POS system or card reader that displays the contactless sign.

Welcome benefits:

While searching for a fresh credit card, users must always certainly take joining advantages into consideration because they increase the attractiveness of the card. HDFC bank credit cards not only come with numerous other benefits but the bank also provides joining perks with most of the cards. One such HDFC card that provides unmissable welcome benefits is the Regalia card, through this card, users will receive a free yearly Zomato Pro subscription in addition to a special free Dine out Passport membership.

Insurance benefits:

Holders of HDFC Bank credit cards get access to insurance coverage benefits. Members of HDFC credit cards may qualify for this insurance programme by making at least four payments in a calendar month. The company offers two different kinds of insurance, namely purchase protection against theft and fires, and sudden death. The HDFC Accidental Death Insurance programme covers unintentional deaths caused by vehicle or railroad mishaps. The user would be authorized for coverage up to five times their card’s limit, or a highest of Rs. 5,00,00,000 if they are qualified.

Interest-free Credit Card Grace Period:

The interval between both the end of your bill cycle and the repayment date is known as the grace period, it typically lasts between 25 to 55 days. If users settle their entire amount before the deadline within the timeframe, they would not be assessed extra interest. This is another feature that makes HDFC credit cards the greatest overall choice.

Amazing rewards:

The HDFC credit card may fulfil all your wishes if you desire incentives for each purchase you complete. Even though almost every HDFC Credit Card offers rewards on transactions. One card that stands out in this category is the HDFC Diners Rewards Credit Card. Whenever you make a purchase from a partnering company, this HDFC Diners Rewards Credit Card delivers 10 times more rewards. Additionally, MakeMyTrip, Uber, as well as other travel partners offer bonuses whenever using travel services. Within the rewards program, users may use their points to buy a variety of items. Moreover, rewards credits may be used to book hotel accommodations and flights up to 70% of the total cost of said reservation.

Complementary memberships:

Airport lounge visit is a feature available on a few specific HDFC credit cards. These cards have a priority pass membership feature that entitles users to visit over a thousand airport lounges including both local and foreign airport terminals throughout the globe. The best feature is that an add-on cardholder can also use the Priority Pass membership. In addition to priority pass membership, HDFC Credit Cards also offer lifestyle privilege memberships like a free membership to Club Marriott and a Gold membership of Zomato (valid for Regalia cards).

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, HDFC Bank credit cards provide a diverse range of advantages, such as a grace duration of up to 55 days, fantastic financial advantages in the form of cashback and bonuses, special dining discounts, frequent flyer advantages, and so much more.