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4 tips on how to choose Analog watches for women

In recent decades, Analog watches for women have grown in popularity among both men and women. Before the 20th century, Analog watches for women were worn exclusively by women, mostly for decorative purposes rather than timekeeping. I suppose this still holds some relevance now. As women view wristwatches primarily as accessories, they are typically most concerned with the watch’s appearance. I concur that it is essential for women to choose a watch that complements their style. Your watch can then serve as an excellent accessory or perhaps become your defining look. However, I must stress that appearance is only one of many factors that women should consider when purchasing a watch. In this blog post, I discuss four ideas to assist women in selecting the most suited wristwatch.


As a woman, I know from personal experience that few women are interested in the technical specs of a watch. However, it is essential to recognise that the movement is the watch’s beating heart. Without a quality movement, the watch cannot function effectively.

Without a doubt, Swiss movements are still the finest. Regarding the type of movement, you can choose between quartz movement and mechanical movement.

Given the high level of craftsmanship and superior quality of the technical features, mechanical movement appears to be intriguing. However, this type of motion necessitates increased maintenance work. If the movement is manual, you will need to remember to wound it. If the watch has “self-winding” or automatic movement, you must wear it frequently or use a watch winder to maintain its accuracy. Other than that, a quartz movement may be the best option. Quartz watches, which are powered by batteries, are more accurate and less expensive than mechanical Analog watches for women. With this form of movement, the battery only needs to be replaced every two to three years or when it has become weak, per the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Depending on your attire and the circumstances, you can select the most appropriate watch dial. If you wear business attire to meetings or casual events, a minimalist watch with a basic dial can be an excellent choice. On the other hand, a jewel watch embellished with precious gemstones may be ideal for combining beautiful clothes for a distinguished or unique occasion. As with other types of accessories, it is important to analyse how the materials and embellishments of your watch complement your skin tone. I feel selecting a watch that complements your skin tone would significantly boost your appearance.

1. Ways to determine your skin tone

Typically, skin tones fall into one of two categories: cool or warm. You may determine your skin tone by observing the vein colour within your arms.

Cool skin tones are distinguished by veins of a bluish hue. When you look in the mirror, you may notice pinkish or rosy-red undertones if you have a cool skin tone. It is said that the majority of people, including those with dark skin and tanned skin, have cool skin. In contrast, warm skin tones are distinguished by veins with a greenish hue. A person with a warm skin tone may see yellow or golden-apricot undertones in the mirror. Those with fair skin typically have a warm skin tone.

2. Material of the watch case

A watch case made of stainless steel, silver, or white gold will look best on a woman with a cool skin tone. Warm-skinned women should go for Analog watches for women with gold or rose gold cases.

3. Gemstones

Diamonds and gemstone hues such as pink, blue, red, and magenta will complement cool skin tones. Consequently, a watch dial adorned with diamonds, rubies, blue sapphires, aquamarines, or emeralds can be an aesthetically pleasing choice. Consider gemstones with earthy tones, such as alexandrite, citrine, garnet, or yellow diamonds, for women with warm skin tones.


The dial size of a woman’s watch should not be excessively large, but it should be proportional to her wrist size. Von Doren performed a poll for its Jotunheim Lady series and discovered that the majority of women choose timepieces with a dial diameter between 34 and 38 millimetres. And I suppose it should be this way so that the watch might become a graceful accessory for women’s attire. The glass should also be considered as a crucial component. There are three varieties of watch crystals, however sapphire crystal is the superior option. For additional information regarding watch crystals


There are numerous sorts of straps from which to pick. Due to the fact that women tend to favour a variety of attire, I would advise you to either have multiple watches or interchangeable straps.

If you are interested in Analog watches for women with bracelet bands, it is recommended to select a bracelet material that matches the case material. You can also follow my above instructions for selecting a material that complements your skin tone.

Additionally, leather straps can be an elegant option. The colour of the leather straps on your timepieces should complement the rest of your attire. For instance, if you have a black leather purse or black high heels, you should choose a black leather strap for your watch.

Additionally, the Nato strap has been fairly popular recently. I believe this type of strap is appropriate for casual or outdoor activities, as well as for pairing with activewear.

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