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9 great marketing ideas for real estate

First, with the rise of the internet and, more recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate agencies have had to transform and retrain towards new buying and selling models. This evolution toward digital can be very positive for your agency if you know how to adapt to it. 

1.  Make an impact with your real estate website

The central axis around which your Digital Marketing strategy will revolve is the website of your Real Estate Agency. Suppose it is developed according to a series of characteristics. In that case, it will bring you various benefits, such as building trust, creating brand awareness, attracting quality leads and improving your credibility, and having total control over everything that is shared.

If you still do not have a website for your Real Estate or the one you have does not meet the functions you require, take a look at our website development service for real estate, and do not stay at a disadvantage compared to your competitors.

2.  Create unique quality content of interest to your potential customers

Content Marketing will help you build trust with your target audience as a real estate agent. Position yourself as an authority within the real estate sector and remove any fear your potential clients may have before starting to work with your Real Estate Agency.

This is one of the best marketing ideas for real estate that you can apply because there are still very few of your competitors that are applying it, which already makes you start with an advantage, and the best thing is that it gives excellent results.

You will wonder what quality content is that you can share. Fortunately, the spectrum is quite broad: from blog articles to ebooks, videos, infographics, webinars, and even a podcast. If you need help with any of these topics, you can also see our Inbound Marketing services for Real Estate.

3.  Develop a Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

At this point, you are still basing your recruitment and sales strategy on making cold calls, printing flyers, or placing advertisements in the local press. You are wasting a lot of time and money and not reaching many of your potential customers.

Today, most people prefer to search the internet before visiting a real estate agent. There they have access to many properties, their price, location, proximity to essential services, and their characteristics and benefits.

Real Estate Digital Marketing has wholly absorbed traditional marketing and the way you knew until now of capturing and selling properties. With the help of a Real Estate Digital Marketing Consulting, you will be able to attract your target audience and transform them into your Real Estate Company clients.

If you want to know more about how Digital Marketing can help you, see our Digital Marketing services for Real Estate or our Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategic Consulting and Mentoring programs.

4.  Move on Social Networks

You have to be where your potential customers are, and they are in Social Networks. Not only because it is an ideal resource for those who want to buy a home but also because it influences the decision-making process.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube significantly impact the real estate market. Suppose you want to know how to move in these media like a fish in water. In that case, you can schedule a 1-hour Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategic Consulting session. We will talk about your real estate company’s situation to your competitors in these networks and tell you how we can help you.

5.  Highlight properties with professional photos

We already know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the real estate business, it can also be equivalent to thousands of euros of a commission.

Faced with a poor-quality photo, it is quite possible that the user will not even read the description. That is why investing in a professional photographer specializing in real estate photography is always an excellent idea.

But, if hiring a photographer is not part of your plans at the moment, and even if you do not have a good camera within your agency, you already know that most mobile phones we have today can take high-quality photographs. Of course, you must follow specific steps to make your photography as professional as possible and attractive to your potential client.

If you want to know some secrets and marketing ideas for real estate in this sense, we recommend you download our ebook How to prepare a home to sell it before, where we reveal some tricks that you surely did not know and will be extremely useful.

6.  Invest in Real Estate Video Marketing

For a few years now, video content is the one preferred by users and the one that is being consumed and shared the most on Social Networks. In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, those real estate agencies that knew how to execute a good Real Estate Video marketing strategy continued to sell properties, despite confinement and restrictions, sometimes only thanks to video, without having to show the property personally to the buyer.

You can create multiple types of videos for your Real Estate, not just specific to a property. If you have not already done so, I recommend you look at our article How to do Real Estate Video marketing to sell more properties. You will find different real estate marketing ideas in the video.

On the other hand, if you have seen any of our videos on the networks and they have caught your attention (like the one we have inserted here, a little higher), here we leave you the link to FlexClip. This tool is straightforward, so you don’t need technical knowledge or complicated programs. You have hundreds of pre-designed templates and stock photos and videos, and the results are truly unique. Look at the videos we are uploading to our YouTube channel, and you will tell me if I am wrong.

7.  Become an expert in Real Estate Email Marketing

Email Marketing offers you unbeatable opportunities before, during, and after the sales process is completed. Why? Simply because it allows you to connect with potential clients and strengthen relationships with those you already have. Once the sale is over, it will make your customers remember you and even refer you to new customers.

There are many types of emails that you can send periodically related to your sector.

But best of all, you can automate your email campaigns, so you don’t have to worry about when and to whom to send each email. For this, there are specific Email Marketing tools, such as MailerLite, which we use in A Man at Home.

8.  Offer a free home valuation service

About the previous section, for your Email Marketing campaigns to be effective, you must first have a database of potential clients to whom you can send your emails. However, you may not have it yet.

The best way to start filling your database with email accounts is to offer a lead magnet in exchange for the email to your website visitors. This lead magnet can be a free ebook or guide to download.

Although a great idea would also be to include an application to estimate the price of a home on your Real Estate website, the user leaves his contact information in exchange for that information.

9.  Make your brand recognizable

You may think so, but your logo itself is not your brand, and your brand will differentiate you from your competition. In your case, you must ensure that your clients’ different visual points of contact with your Real Estate Agency are aligned with specific standards.

For any real estate agency, these visual contact points will be present in the photos displayed on the web, publications on social networks, posters, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, Email Marketing campaigns…

The objective is that, whatever the element you are using, regardless of the medium where you are disseminating it, it is quickly recognizable and identified with your Real Estate.

There are many Digital Marketing strategies that your Real Estate can take advantage of to reach qualified potential clients on the internet. Maximize your brand’s presence in the online medium and use the ideas we have just offered you to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

And remember that if you need help to grow your real estate business, you can contact the Un Hombre en Casa team. We will be happy to assist you.


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