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7 Types of Web Portals You Must Know About

Web portals and their uses are increasing rapidly. While you are thinking about how to run your business successfully, you may opt for a web portal development to get a lift and generate a decent profit. 

The concept of a web portal originated in the 90th Century but it kept improving its functionalities over time and now has become very powerful to support its customers. Now, there are still many people who are unaware of the scope of using a web portal for business growth, where they can get a clear picture about the same. 

What is a Web Portal?

A web portal is just like any other website but a bit different. It functions on the basis of different databases which the portal collects from different online platforms, email information, surveys, different online forums and other media. This cumulative data is then used as single-point information for the users. 

In simple words, a web portal refers to those websites that operate as a one-point source for certain information for users and they need to log in to that portal to access those data. Google is also a kind of web portal. 

Other than that there are customer service portals, health care portals, shopping portals etc. designed by different web portal development companies. We are going to describe 7 types of web portals that anyone must know. 

What are the Types of Web Portals that you Must Know About?

Government Web Portal

The first kind of web portal that everyone has witnessed is the government web portal. These web portals are designed in such a way that citizens can interact with the government and get to access different information and facilities available there. 

For example, citizens can pay government duties and fines, fill up forms, get important announcements etc. The portal contains blogs, social media integration, contact information, a government events calendar, search navigation etc. 

Educational Web Portal

The next famous web portal type is an educational web portal. Infact during the pandemic session, educational web portals played a significant role in providing online education. At the educational web portal, students will get various online educational materials, e-books, journals of famous scholars, research papers and theses etc. 

Following features you must include when you are dealing with educational web portal development – a unique account function for getting centralised search, payment gateway for the submission of payment, log-in facilities for accepting new students, control monitoring to monitor and control all users at a glance etc.

E-commerce Web Portal

This is also a common and widely known web portal. An E-commerce web portal allows buyers and sellers to meet on a single platform for trading and business. There are many popular e-commerce web portals are there where we use to do online shopping, trading, browsing for information etc. 

A typical e-commerce web portal should have the following features – catalogue options for offering the product, a corporate account manager for managing each user profile and order processing to the appropriate shipping destination, bulk order management, pricing management etc.

Health Care Web Portal

Another important web portal option of the current date is the health care web portal. A healthcare web portal is used to provide healthcare services to patients. A patient can log in to this sort of portal to get treatment history, order prescription medication on time, book appointments to healthcare services, get lab reports, book lab appointments, check doctor availability, health-related online consultations etc. So, a good health web portal must have the following features – a data storage function for saving patient medical history, doctor visit arrangement features, a doctor-patient secure chat option, a payment gateway for receiving payment and insurance, and administration for managing each user information.

HR Services Web Portal

Some organizations are using web portal options to offer HR services to their employees. This sort of web portal is only used to provide internal access within an organization. Employees use this portal to access HR information and facilities. 

Also, companies use the HR portal to post job openings and job seekers or applicants of specific categories can access the portal for submitting a job application. The portal must have the following features – options that include company introduction employee formats and documentation, grievance management features, recruitment process handling, HR benefits section, news and media for the latest HR policy and information etc. 

Corporate Web Portal

The corporate Web portal is also an internal web portal limited to only the employees of a corporate organization. This will help employees to connect with the company’s hierarchy or management for solving queries and getting information related to work. 

The portal should have options for employee training, induction programmer, knowledge center, team projects, progress tracking, report submission, hierarchy approvals etc. Also, the portal should have strong security features to ensure document security, file transfer, employee information etc. 

Information Web Portal

The last Important web portal development of all time is the Information web portal through which information is supplied to external and internal users. Information like news, media, articles, vlogs, e-books, cultural programs and a lot of other things are shared. 

The database of different sources is shared through a single web portal and users can search for the potential data they want by entering that portal. The portal must-have features that allow access to users for entering into the web portal, a strong content section where information will be shared and an integration feature to collect and collaborate different data into that single portal. 

Why should You Hire a Reliable Web Portal Development Company?

Apart from the above 7 important and most famous web portal options, there are other portals too like customer support portal, community portal, customer service portal etc. which are in demand. Now that you have learned about the top 7 most famous web portal and their features, you have understood that it could be a potential source to improve business functionalities and generate revenue. If you too want to introduce a web development portal to your business and earn extra profit, you must consult some reliable web portal development company for consultation and detailed information about the process, implementation, cost, duration of the backend development process etc.

Apart from this, if you are interested to know more about Web and Digital Communication then visit our Digital Marketing category.

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