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7 Best Free Website Builders For Every Beginner

Did you know that free website builders are the easiest, most affordable and at the same time effective way of developing a website? And the best, let you get a modern website in a few minutes and at the same time, the user does not need to have any special skills. Most provide drag-and-drop tools, HTML5 editor allowing you to develop a decent site even if you are a high school student. If you want to find best webpage builder reviews then you can check out classywebsitebuilder.com

No programming, HTML, Photoshop, etc. Unlike WordPress, website builders do not require additional web hosting, being one more advantage in that category. But you must be wondering, why would a designer give this kind of indication and what does he get out of it? Let’s say I really trust the work I do, enough to put together a list with the best free website builders guided by the following criteria: templates; editor drag and drop; usability; the number of applications available; SEO friendly. If you want to more guidance regarding your academic solution must know about hire someone to take my class. In this list, I present the best site hosting and totally free, without any limitation of tests.


Obviously, WIX is the most popular free website maker and has an excellent search engine. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor with a huge collection of professional templates from the most diverse categories – then WIX will be the perfect solution.

With the help of it, you will be able to create any site: a personal page, online portfolio, a business webpages or even a résumé on page racing. At the same time, you have access to host your site for free with a second-level domain, limited to 500MB and 1G of bandwidth, including Google Analytics to track your website statistics, good quality support, and branding will be included on every page of your site.

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This one has a pretty obvious name. It will allow you to create your professional looking website absolutely for free. One of the main advantages of this site creator is a large collection of webpage designs – hundreds of webpage templates and various popular categories.

Very easy to use with drag & drop editor and you do not need any HTML or CSS skills to launch your website. Like other free ones, WebsiteBuilder.com will add a banner in the footer and give you a free subdomain name for your site for free.

IM Creator

IMCreator.com makes the process of creating a free something quite simple and intuitive with its drag-and-drop editor. Like others, IMCreator comes with its free package and offers you a subdomain and 50MB of storage. But the main thing about it is your regularly updated collection of webpage templates – every month, you’ll be able to find dozens of new templates with modern and creative designs. And thanks to the adherence of the new web standards, your free site will be perfect in all browsers, as well as in smartphones.

Weebly Website :

Another great free website builder on the list is Weebly. He has been in the market for a long time and knows what to make available to his users. Weebly offers an absolutely free plan with standard options: your webpage in a sub-domain, free hosting, no limitations, unlimited number of pages and even opportunity to create a basic online store but with a 3% transaction fee. And with new and modern templates that can be easily customized through the drag & drop editor. You will get to a beautiful site without spending a penny.


You can create your free website with Webs.com. The free package includes a site with ads as well as the mobile version of your site also with ads, limited to 500 MB bandwidth and 40MB of storage space. If you decide to create an online store, you will have a limit of 5 items.


Another good site builder that allows you to create a webpage for free is UCRAFT. It’s relatively new to this site builder market, but it allows you to create a search engine friendly (SEO friendly) with the help of an easy drag-and-drop editor. If you opt for the free UCRAFT plan you will be entitled to a free subdomain and as usual, with the UCRAFT brand stamped on the site.

The templates provided by UCRAFT are new and elegant. So, it is a great solution if you want to create a personal page or landing page.


If you have the need to create a professional looking website then you should definitely check out Sitey.com. It is quite new but at the same time a powerful and free platform for building websites. For the free plan, Sitey offers 50 MB storage, 5MB file upload, and 1GB bandwidth.

In addition, you will get a mobile version of your site, and access to more than 100 professional templates and image gallery, easy to integrate social networks. And all features listed are free. Like everyone else, it leaves a small ad on your site in the free version.

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