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6 Ways to integrate SEO Across Teams

If you’ve got an online blog, you are likely aware of the importance of business-related blogging and the SEO benefits. Do you know to optimize your blog’s content to make them more search engine user-friendly?

Indeed, many bloggers aren’t taking advantage of the massive potential for marketing their blogs offer. A recent study by shows that even though around 60 percent of companies have blogs, over 65% of the bloggers haven’t updated their blogs within the last year! With the help of fresh, current content and performing basic optimization, you will reap the many advantages blogging can bring.

Here are six simple SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to bring your blog to the forefront.

1. Do your research. Keyword research is crucial to improve your on-page optimization. You are likely adding keywords and phrases without realizing it simply because you provide valuable content about a subject. There are, however, many tools and methods to locate relevant keywords to your blog posts that you might not have thought about. There is the Search Engine Optimization Tool (SEO) and; both offer excellent tools that let you locate keywords relevant to your subject. You can even monitor your competitors to determine what words and phrases they use to increase visitors to their websites.

2. Use keywords throughout your article. When you’ve selected two or three important, relevant keywords, you must be sure to position them in the areas where they can be most effective for human beings and crawlers who are indexing your blog post. Make sure to place these keywords in one of these places:

  • Title
  • Subheadings and headings
  • Introduction sentence
  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Anchor text (text that links to other pages that are related to your website)
  • Meta description and title tags

A note of caution: Do not do keyword stuffing; This is the practice of filling your blog posts with keywords to become hard to read. It’s not just a way to annoy the readers of your blog, but it could also result in you being disqualified by Google. A few strategically placed keywords will be enough to get you noticed.

3. Optimize your photos. If you upload pictures on your blog, we ensure to incorporate keywords within the file’s title and add a description in the alternate text field by providing a brief and keyword-rich description of the image.

4. Refer to others by linking. When you reference the name of a blogger or article within your post on the blog, include an online link to the source you are referencing. It’s not just acceptable blogging behavior. However, you could be lucky enough to receive the link back. High-quality links are an excellent resource for any website looking to get higher rankings on the search results pages.

5. Offer readers the chance to sign up for your blogs. Place placed Feed or RSS Subscription Buttons and allowed readers to sign up for your blog’s posts by email whenever possible. This allows your blog’s followers to receive notifications instantly of the latest blog posts without having to go through your blog to see new posts regularly.

6. Make use of social media to expand the impact of your blog’s content. If you are a small-sized business, you could be using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media platforms to build relationships with your current and prospective customers. Why not make sure you promote your blog’s posts on these websites to gain an even more significant amount of exposure on the web? Free applications such as Hootsuite allow you to publish links to your most recent blog posts to every social media platform with only two clicks. You can also make your posts scheduled before time!

By following these SEO strategies, you can increase your chances of ranking higher in the 

, increase web traffic and increase conversion rates of customers.

Are you too busy to keep up with the optimization of your blog? We’ve got you covered. Search optimization experts can assist you in achieving better visibility in search engine result pages.



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