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5 Features in Hotel Room Booking App Development That Win Over Travelers

The staying aspect of a trip holds a lot of weightage and thus we have seen massive growth in the hotel booking industry. 

Planning and booking are the only two phases of your travel journey. And a mobile booking app makes this fantasy a reality in no time! In today’s digital era, the creation of hotel booking apps is gaining traction.

The sudden shift in norms surrounding the industry has enticed a slew of business persons into the market to create a dazzling hotel booking mobile app that helps them to streamline their business. 

If you’re one of them, read this blog till the end to know the must-have features in a hotel booking app.

Top Features That You Must Have In Your Travel Booking App In 2023

1) Easy Login/Sign In Options

As you plan to develop a hotel booking app, the first and foremost thing that you must consider is integrating easy and flexible login and sign-in options.

It makes it easy for travelers to create their accounts through various methods ( email, mobile numbers, social media accounts) and get access through the app

2) Hotel Booking with Search Specification

When you plan to develop a hotel booking mobile app, you must ensure to provide a user-friendly experience. The app should be well-optimized, where hotel names, dates, prices, locations, and all other essential information must be present in the description so that travelers won’t face any problems while booking. When you add search options, user can easily spot their favorite hotel by entering the name.

3) Image Of Accommodation

The travel mobile app becomes more appealing, engaging, and impressive when you add different images and videos of the accommodation from different angles. 

This helps users to easily access those and get a clear idea about the hotel they are looking for and they can have a great user experience using the app.

4) Multiple Payment Options & Easy Cancellation

Your hotel booking app must have multiple payment options to make your user feel free to choose their preferred payment options and make the payment to the hotels they have booked. Making online payments saves their time, and they can directly check in and check out and make their experience hassle-free. 

On the other hand, you can also provide them with easy cancellation options where they can cancel in case of certain changes in their plans. 

As you give more privileges to your customers, you have higher chances to retain them and also gain new customers for your business. 

5) Review, Ratings & Feedback 

In today’s digital era, reviews, ratings, and feedback play an important role in your business. One good review can give you a new customer. So, ensure that you must integrate these features so that your customers can easily provide a certain review, rating, and feedback toward the services you have served them. 

Through these reviews and feedback, you can analyze how to improve the services for a better user experience. 


The travel and hospitality industry is booming like other industries so you must develop a travel app that must have all the features and functionality that can make it unique and stand out in the market. 

To make this happen, you must avail trusted mobile app development solutions where you get an experienced team that helps you out in developing your project according to your business requirements. 

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